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“We had mold in the bathroom and I didn't know how to do it anymore. Alessandro recommended some sanitizing products and then we repainted with Mimetika A +. At Germani you are on the safe side. " ...

"Upower Candy shoe - Excellent price-quality ratio" ...

“The constant traffic noises did not allow me to rest properly. Anna recommended a cork insulation ... and now we sleep. Wonderful!" ...

"Now the third pair I buy - excellent work shoes" ...

Building materials

  • Holz Lack water-based...

    €17.50 €17.50

    Protective and decorative flatting for wood. This resin based product is elastic and therefore it follows the natural movements of the wood, avoiding peeling off and bursts of any kind. 

    To be mixed with water. No solvents.

  • Mimetika A+

    €100.00 €100.00

    Washable white paint. Excellent base

    A+ certified (lowest impact on air quality inside of buildings)

    Full coverage - Matt white

    MIMETIKA A+ is an ideal base for the creation of personalised colours in our Baldini Tecnicolor Mixing Machine. Contact us for more information.

  • Synuil Gel

    €21.50 €21.50

    Anti corrosive base coat and shiny primer 2in1.

    Highly Performing Acrylic syntetical primer, ideal for gates, iron, steel and metalic objects. Brings about a metalic shine on top of its' base colour. 

  • Micosteryl Act

    €19.00 €19.00

    Waterbased anti-mould paint. Ideal for badly ventilated areas and areas of high condensation.

    Contains an active principle especially designed for mould prevention purposes.

  • Holz Lack Primer

    €12.00 €12.00

    Protective and decorative primer for wood. Pentrates and nourishes the core of the wood and valorizes its' natural veins.

    Offers protection against weather phenomena.

    Compatible with our Baldini Tecnicolor Mixing Machine.

  • Holz lack water based...

    €14.00 €14.00

    Protective water based varnish for wood. Penetrates the wood and protects it without forming a layer on top of it. The wood is able to breathe in a natural way given that the pores remain open. Does not peel off, nor burst.

    Can be coloured with our Baldini Tecnicolor mixing machine.

  • Holz Lack Primer Wax &...

    €14.50 €14.50

    Water based, wax effect protection for wood.  Penentrates the wood until the core and forms an elegant velvet finish on top, nevertheless it leaves the pores open, enabling the wood to breathe.

    Can be coloured with our Mixing Machine!

  • Holz Lack Gel

    €14.50 €14.50

    Holz Lack Gel is an impregnant wax based top coat. Given that it is anti drop it is very easy to apply on as well horizontal as vertical surfaces.

    The Micro-tech defense technology at the basis of this product penetrates the wood to the core and makes it water resistant up until 6 years*. The UV Filters, however, protect the wood against the bleeching effect of sun rays.

    This product doesn't smell and can also be used indoors.

  • Holz Lack Flatting

    €13.50 €13.50

    High quality transparent shiny top coat. Highly resistant under all weather conditions thanks to its' elasticity.

    Can be coloured with our mixing machine.

  • Synuil Varnish

    €18.00 €18.00

    High quality varnish that covers well. Protects and beautifies as well indoors as outdoors. Easy to apply and resistant to corrosion due to the weather. Can be used at sea and in the mountains. For industrial use as well.  Can be coloured with the Baldini Tecnicolor Mixing Machine.


  • Noxidin ZN

    €14.50 €14.50

    Varnish/primer especially developped for galvanized metal sheets. Adheres perfectly and does not peel off. Can be used as well as a primer as well as a top coat. 

  • Hydra 50

    €12.00 €12.00

    Breathing water-based paint to be used indoors. High level of coverage, easy to mix and apply. Great aestethic results and a low price combined. Ideal for big surfaces.

    Can be coloured with our Mixing Machine.