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“We had mold in the bathroom and I didn't know how to do it anymore. Alessandro recommended some sanitizing products and then we repainted with Mimetika A +. At Germani you are on the safe side. " ...

"Upower Candy shoe - Excellent price-quality ratio" ...

“The constant traffic noises did not allow me to rest properly. Anna recommended a cork insulation ... and now we sleep. Wonderful!" ...

"Now the third pair I buy - excellent work shoes" ...


  • Compound leverage...

    €22.50 €22.50

    Compound leverage shears, straight blades

    Inox = stainless steel

  • Right cut shears -1123

    €19.95 €19.95

    Right cut compound leverage shears, curved blades.

    Inox = stainless steel

  • Left cut shears -1124

    €22.95 €22.95

    Left cut compound leverage shears, curved blades.

    Inox = stainless steel

  • Gloves Poly-Lat Flowers

    €1.50 €1.50

    - seamless polyester yarn - flower

    - palm coating in latex - green

    - microporous finish, guarantees superior grip in dry, wet or oily working conditions

    - ideal for gardening chores

  • Oven model "Rosso 80x45"

    €2,360.00 €2,360.00

    Rosso is a revamp of one of Fontana's greatest classic ovens; that was created 20 years ago.

    The delicate restyling bears classical ovens in mind and is therefore every hobby chefs' dream. 
    Nowadays Rosso is an example of practicity, as it even has 4 wheels and thus can be wheeled around according to your needs.
    The oven is made out of steel and has not less than 3 cooking levels and grills, that are all ventilated and foreseen off lights.
    The basic pack includes, grills, cooking pans, a chimney in stainless steel, shelves, e thermometer and an alarm clock.

  • Oven model "Fornolegna...

    €1,720.00 €1,720.00

    Indirect combustion wood oven, where the wood burns separated from the cooking chamber. Cooking chamber 80×45 with a height of 40 cm, which allows you to cook on three levels. Perfectly insulated with 14 cm natural rock wool, the temperature is reached in a very short time with only 3,5 kg wood, and the temperature is maintainedwith only one kilogram of wood per hour. Internal structure in stainless steel, outside in painted electro-galvanized steel for maximum protection against corrosion. Provided with convection fan 12 Volt and lighting. Supplied with portable trolley, flue pipe and stainless steel cap, two cooking grates and three aluminum pans. Thermometer and timer.

    • Reduced price

    Oven model "Divino...

    €2,350.00 €2,950.00

    Top oven from the Oro collection : Divino Inox, structure in stainless steel and anthracite painted steel.

  • KR101E - Robotic Mower

    €1,099.00 €1,099.00

    The easiest way to get your lawn mowed: The Mission Nano KR101E can be conveniently operated via WLAN or Bluetooth using a smartphone – or simply via LED display. The durable blades and numerous intelligent features such as Intiva Navigation or Side Trim Technology ensure a beautiful lawn up to 1,100 m².

  • KR112 - Robotic Mower

    €1,999.00 €1,999.00

    Even smarter due to ultrasonic technology: In addition to intelligent features like Intiva navigation, RBS or SST, the Mission KR112 is also equipped with OAS. The patented system prevents collisions – and ensures efficient and perfect mowing on lawns up to 2.200 m