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“We had mold in the bathroom and I didn't know how to do it anymore. Alessandro recommended some sanitizing products and then we repainted with Mimetika A +. At Germani you are on the safe side. " ...

"Upower Candy shoe - Excellent price-quality ratio" ...

“The constant traffic noises did not allow me to rest properly. Anna recommended a cork insulation ... and now we sleep. Wonderful!" ...

"Now the third pair I buy - excellent work shoes" ...


  • Internal circlip...

    €18.95 €18.95

    Internal circlip pliers, bent pattern, 90° PVC-coated handles

    170 mm

  • Beta external circlip...

    €19.50 €19.50

    External circlip pliers, bent pattern, 90° PVC-coated handles

  • External circlip...

    €17.50 €17.50

    External circlip pliers, straight pattern PVC-coated handles

  • Mechanical crimping...

    €140.00 €140.00

    Mechanical crimping pliers


    • For noninsulated copper terminals, 10÷120 mm²

    • Antislip rubber handle

    • Internal “H” section pin for unparalleled punch smoothness

    • Made from burnished steel

    4,2 KG

  • Wire stripping pliers...

    €19.95 €19.95

    Wire stripping pliers, bi-material handles

  • Long flat knurled nose...

    €12.50 €12.50

    Long flat knurled nose pliers, slip-proof double layer PVC coated handles

  • Cable cutters - 1132BM

    €41.00 €41.00

    Cable cutters for insulated copper and aluminium cables, bi-material handles

  • Extra-long nose pliers...

    €16.00 €16.00

    Extra-long bent needle knurled nose pliers, chrome-plated, slip-proof double layer PVC coated handles

  • Set of pliers and...

    €55.00 €55.00

    Set of 1 combination pliers, 1 long needle nose pliers and 1 diagonal cutting nippers

    Bimaterial handles


  • Set of 15 combination...

    €105.00 €105.00

    Set of 15 combination wrenches with holder

    Stylish slim combination wrench, enhanced by a slender profile and lighter to the touch, head thickness having been reduced to a minimum, to allow access to all spaces.


    • Torque values more than doubled compared to the requirements to be satisfied under ISO 1711

    • Supplied with a comfortable, practical holder

    2,1 kg